Master Consultant of Imam Khomeini International Airport

NACO+3T Consortium is an Iranian-Dutch joint venture, formed by three Iranian consultant companies: Tadbir Omran Iranian(TOI), Tarh-e-NowAndishan(TNA),
Tana Energy Group(TEG) and Netherland Airport Consultants (NACO).

With the help of the most experienced and skilled managers, experts and specialists of the aviation industry, and due to many valuable partnership experiences with the private sector regarding the development of large national projects, since 2015 this joint venture has been selected as Imam Khomeini Airport City (IKAC) Master Consultant. The main objectives of this joint venture can be described as reviewing and updating the previous master plan presented for the airport, airport city and aeronautical development along with the preparation of a clear road map for the development plan of this large national project.

The Best Strategy for Your Circumstances.

IKIA and IKAC are located on a 14000-hectare land, southwest of Tehran, Iran. The property is about 50 Km far from Tehran's city center. The fact that a free economic zone and a special commercial zone is located in IKAC, offers a great opportunity to facilitate the communication of international business from/to Tehran, Iran. 3T+NACO believes that with the help and guidance of senior officials and managers of IKAC Company, significant steps can be taken in the development of this national project. therefore, the goal of achieving a great position both nationally (becoming a hub for the area) and internationally can be achieved.


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